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Most of our projects are financed by donations that can be cash, goods, materials, furniture, buildings, tools, musical instruments, food or any other resources supporting human communities, animals or plants.

Cash donations can be devoted to one specific area, such as

1) the Protection of the Atlantic Rain Forest

Help us to conserve the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest and to implement Conservation Units (

2) Environmental Education for children

Facilitate equipment and food for the children participating in our Environmental Education projects. As we collaborate mainly with orphanages or schools from the lowest income class, we offer lessons, food and equipment.(

3) Research on Sustainable Constructions and Sanitary Systems

Help us to develop and disseminate alternative construction methods, based on bamboo and Caltifice-techniques, such as dry toilets (

If the donator does not identify the specific target, the donation will be used for any of our actual projects.

The act of giving brings us to a new consciousness, a new way of thinking, questioning the current patterns of capitalist society. Building a sustainable, social way of life is our great challenge today!


Cash donations:

Banco do Brasil
Agency: 4550-0
Current Account: 6697-4
Instituto ÇaraKura

Contact by e-mail:

Specify the subject: "Donation".

Important: A detailed description of the donation (concerning goods, materials, furniture, buildings, tools, musical instruments, food or other) is essential, in order to avoid time and effort if the donation is not needed.



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