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Instituto ÇaraKura


The Instituto ÇaraKura is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded on the 11th of March 2007,  that consists of students and professionals from the areas of pedagogy, medicine, engineering, law, architecture, geography, biology, information systems, nutrition, fine arts, performing arts and others. It currently counts 30 members, forming a multidisciplinary team of professionals, students and sympathizers, acting on different aspects of sustainable development.


We get involved in the field of environmental education, scientific and technological research, facilitating the application of social technologies, being simple, efficient, with low costs and low environmental impact. Our projects mainly consists mainly in the construction of ecological houses, the use of renewable energy, the recuperation of degraded areas, especially the Atlantic Rain Forest, the treatment and use of bamboo, Permaculture and organic farming, alternative sanitation systems and other initiatives fostering a sustainable socio-environmental development and the recovery of ancestral knowledge.




The NGO is located on the Island of Santa Catarina, in the Southern Brazilian city Florianópolis, Capital of the State Santa Catarina. Our parcel of 15ha is situated in the North of the Island, in the rural district Ratones, nearby the two major river basins of Florianopolis: Rio Ratones and Lagoa da Conçeicão.
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Our most important partners are the Environmental Education Center (NEAmb: of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), the Deanery of Student Affairs (PRAE-UFSC), and the network ‘Viva da Ilha’, I.e. ‘Life of the Island’.


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