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Environmental Education

We realize alternative education projects, fostering the development of cognitive and artistic skills, environmental awareness and the active participation of children and adolescents in projects concerning the sustainable use of natural resources.

Some of the projects that have been realized so far:

Regular School Visit

Since 2002 the ÇaraKura Institute is regularly (weekly) visited by classes from public and private schools of the region. At the ÇaraKura site, we offer practical, creative and nature related activities that are often missing in school, such as walking, swimming, planting, harvesting, painting, tinkering, doing animal care and food preparation. The intention of the project is to provide a space where children and young people can experience the integral relationship between natural cycles in a playful and corporal manner. It tries to strengthen the environmental perception of the child. This education project is realized by the pedagogue Andrea de Oliveira, who has developed her own teaching methods, inspired by Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf education. 

Redeeming Culture

This art education project, held throughout the academic year 2009, was based on the promotion of artistic activities for children, such as painting, drawing, cooking, clay sculpturing, and storytelling. Being the fundamental element of all the lessons, the latter was highly appreciated by the kids, who participated enthusiastically and collaborated with special speech effects, sounds and movements. 


The toPAZ was an Environmental Education & Vocational Training program, consisting of artistic workshops and professional training to grade children (from the 5th to the 7th grade of the Primary School Mâncio Costa): It was held every monday at the ÇaraKura site, aiming to develop skills, promote cognitive learning, arts and ethics, contributing to the recovery of the students’ self-esteem, in school, the local community and society.

Cultura e Alegria - "Banda ÇaraKura"

The Joy & Culture project was developed during the school year 2009, targeting students from the fifth to the eighth year of elementary school at the Municipal Primary School Mâncio Costa. The project was designed by the school’s music teacher and carried out in partnership with the ÇaraKura Institute. The rehearsals, as well as environmental education activities, took place at the site and they culminated in the formation of the band “Banda ÇaraKura”. One of the main compositions of the group was the song ’Reflorestamento Mental‘, which was performed at a community celebration and at the Eco-Festival of Florianópolis. 


Held during the school year 2008, in partnership with Carijós Institute, the Ecological Station of Carijós and the Municipal Elementary School of Mâncio Costa, this project of Environmental Education and Art Education was directed to 40 fourth grade students. It relied on the involvement of parents, teachers, volunteers and representatives from the involved institutions. The children attended study trips, learned about the ecosystems of the island and practiced different artistic activities such as watercolor painting, music, creating poetry, reciting poetry, sculpturing with clay, cooking and acting in plays. They finished the school project with the theatrical performance ’The guards of the Enchanted Forest Nature of Rio Ratones’. 



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