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Permaculture was developed by the Australians David Holmgren and Bill Molison, and has been broadcast all over the world, as a method that practices a culture of sustainability and permanence, as against dissipation and wastage. By restoring and improving ancestral knowledge and techniques, effective and sustainable systems can be created, such as mandala gardens, systematized water processes and many others.

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"PDCara” - Permaculture and Design

The Institute is organizing permaculture courses and workshops since 2005 and has, today, already conducted more than 10 courses, being attended by participants from all over the country and having trained about 200 people.
The PDC (Permaculture and Design Course) is based on the teachings of Bill Mollison and the twelve principles of David Holmgren, who personally visited the Institute in May 2007 and performed an advanced course in Permaculture and Design.

The peculiarity of this course is its own methodology, based on practical activities, emphasizing on various permacultural systems that have been constructed on the ÇaraKura site during the last years.


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