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Arts and Culture

Yoga and Meditation

In partnership with the Center for Neo-Humanist studies, the Institute has realized several Yoga & Meditation retreats, with the goal of spreading spiritual practices, considered fundamental for the emotional balance of human beings. The retreats also aim to remote and disseminate initiatives such as the ’Prout, Progressive Utilization Theory’, a socioeconomic theory, developed by the Indian Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, promoting an equal social development. The meetings usually include the presence of monks and nuns, who share knowledge and good practices.

Culinary Arts

Besides the continuous work of observation, research, agricultural practice and gardening, there are constantly developing workshops promoting healthy eating habits. The workshops range from vegetarianism, subtle nutrition, raw food diets, vegan food and macrobiotic diet to baking, producing jams, cheeses, pasta and more. There are workshops for both children and adults.


The theater group “ÇaraKura “ was founded in October 2007 on the initiative and the interest of children from the community Canto do Moreira. The first show was called ’The Banana Clown and Friends of the Enchanted Forest of Rio Ratones‘, telling the story of threatened plants and animals in a magical moment in the forest … 15 children, aged between 4 and 14, participated in the group. For the performance of the piece, recreational techniques and activities of Environmental Education were applied, conveying values ​​such as respect, unity, cooperation, concentration and creativity to the children. The group has already performed several shows and is maintained through the support of the ÇaraKura Institute.

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