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University Projects

We work closely together with different Universities, who regularly visit the site and realize joint research projects. The aim of the visits is to provide dynamic and practical knowledge, related with the studied subjects, mostly in the fields of Biology, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy. The most important Partner Universities are UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) FURB, UDESC, UNISUL, UNIVALE, ‘Estacio de Sá’ University and the ‘Senac’ Faculty.


Education for a Culture of Peace

The formation of Environmental Educators and the Environmental Integration Experience are part of a collaboration project between  the ÇaraKura Institute  and  NEAmb, the Center for Environmental Education of UFSC, as well as GEABio, Group of Environmental Education of the Biology Course of the same university, and the Academic Center for Agricultural Sciences and the Academic Center of the Forestry course of FURB, Blumenau. The activities are carried out at the ÇaraKura institute on one weekend per semester and aim to provide students with experiences and practices that are related to the work area of their courses. By 2009, about 250 young people had participated in these activities and it’s expected that this workshop model will expand to other courses and universities.

Eco-Solidary Hazing

This project was lanced in 2007 in partnership with the Center for Environmental Education Technology of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). So far, seven editions have been realized in partnership with the course of sanitary and environmental engineering, 2 with the biology course and in 2010 also one with geography. About 500 young people have participated in the project, where the reception of young people at university is celebrated in a spirit of cooperation, through spontaneous voluntary work in various areas, whose goal is to benefit nature and society. During the Eco-Solidary Hazing, the future students spend the day at the ÇaraKura site. They work to develop social technologies, such as the recuperation of degraded areas, the planting of native trees, bioconstructions, ecological sanitation, organic farming and others. The hazing allows the students to gain knowledge through practical group work, in areas related to their University courses.

Study Group

The Study Group was conceived by NEAmb and developed in collaboration with the ÇaraKura Institute. Offered to University students, the project consists of weekly or biweekly meetings at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, plus extra meetings in related areas of the studied subjects. ÇaraKura facilitated and mediated the following groups: studies in Permaculture, studies in Waldorf Education and Biodynamic Astro-studies, which inquires the influence of the constellations on plant development. About 50 young people from 12 different University courses actively participated in these study groups.


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